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General Guidelines

>>> Every course of IGNOU in each semester consists of 2 parts the first is semester wise examination and the other is the IGNOU Assignments. Both the parts are compulsory as well as important for the students to pass out successfully their semesters. It is very important for the students to submit the solved assignments related to their particular course in order to get promoted further.

>>> This assignment not only helps the students to get good grades but will also prepare them for their examination too.

>>> Some of the important instructions about the IGNOU assignments are:

  • The assignments are compulsory.
  • Students need to stick to the word limit given in the questions.
  • The assignments are to be submitted before the term end examination.
  • Assignments must be solved unit wise.
  • Submission should be on time.

Thus we can say that the IGNOU assignments are as important as the IGNOU examinations.

Download IGNOU Assignment Front Page1 and Page2 here  --->>>>